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Throughout a scale-up’s life cycle, there are many legal hurdles to overcome. With topics ranging from contracting to intellectual property to shareholder agreements and many more, it is safe to say legal can become somewhat of a challenge. How do you address these fundamental elements? Our scale-up specific legal experts can support you in a swift, agile and no-nonsense manner.

How to turn legal into a business enabler?

Legal consultants and lawyers can not only be your advisor but also your coach,
connector and gamechanger! Scroll down and discover the legal services we offer.

Challenges or questions you might face:

  • What is important to keep in mind when setting up term sheets or shareholder agreements? 
  • How should I negotiate terms with investors without negatively affecting our relationship?
  • What do I need to take into account when applying for intellectual property rights?
  • What should I consider when outlining commercial or technology-related contracts?
  • How can I tackle legal hurdles without slowing down my deal-making process?

How can we partner up?

Our legal services are divided into three sub offerings to ensure you receive high-quality and tailor-made advice, provided by people with experience. 

Legal sub offerings

Intellectual property (IP):
  • Assistance with the protection of your intellectual property rights and management of your intellectual property assets
  • Hands-on legal advice when dealing with co-ownership and exploitation of intellectual property rights, R&D agreements, license agreements, etc.
  • Setting out an IP strategy

Contact us : 

  • Meridith Van Dooren 
  • Ingrid Baele
Funding & shareholders
  • Assistance with regard to subsequent investment rounds
  • Advice on incentives for your employees via issuance of stock option warrants
  • Guidance on the implementation of your corporate structure
  • Delegation of power to various committees
  • Corporate governance/renumeration policy
  • Performing due diligence, drafting transactional documentation (term sheet and/or shareholder agreements, etc.)

Contact us

  • Christoph Michiels
Contracting and compliance
  • Day-to-day contracting and compliance assistance for tech scale-ups
  • Assistance in drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide variety of ICT agreements (e.g., R&D, collaboration, licensing, SaaS agreements, maintenance and support agreements or SLAs)
  • Providing support for compliance with regard to GDPR, e-commerce, industry-specific regulatory needs, etc.

Contact us

  • Kristof Cox
  • Anaïs De Boulle
  • Matthias Vierstraete


That is not all! 
  • We offer flexible onsite support with part-time in-house legal counsel.
  • Last but not least, there is also a Legal hotline for all your legal questions. 

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