Build and operate a scalable, resilient and secure technology estate


Build and operate a scalable, resilient and secure technology estate

Technology, Scalability & Security

The development of a technology product in a rapid growth environment might quickly become a significant challenge for scale-ups. Typically, technology is required to support rapid increases in demand and allow for a fast-moving functional scope. In this context, how do you make sure that your product is built on the right technology architecture allowing you to scale fast in a secured manner? Our experts help you optimize your product development to fit today needs, with the robustness to face tomorrow constraints.

Challenges or questions you might face:

  • What should be our main IT priority to support our growth?
  • How can we enable change in our solution architecture?
  • Is our technology flexible enough for scaling users and/or functionalities?
  • Is our technology governance and sourcing model optimal?
  • How can we optimise our technology spending?
  • What is our exposure level against ever-evolving cyber threats?
  • How do we implement a security culture at employee level? 
  • How should we manage our data to maximise its potential?

How can we partner up?

  • Analyse whether your current technology stack is fit for purpose, well-architected and will be able to handle growth or changes, highlighting key success factors for scalable technology.
  • Define the right structure for delivery and operations at scale with DevSecOps principles beyond the MVP phase.
  • Assess opportunities for performance, cost effectiveness, architecture and monitoring improvements in the infrastructure.
  • Perform a web platform vulnerability assessment to assess how secure your core product is performing from a security point of view by reviewing key security domains.
  • Imagine the data ecosystem and design the right supporting landscape with MDM and big data.
  • Assess the technology landscape and organisation to feed financial transaction investigation processes.

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