Become part of the scale-up ecosystem 

Scale up your business

A vibrant scale-up ecosystem has emerged, with the aim to support (technology) start-ups and scale-ups in their development. Discover how you can benefit from this unique community.

Disruption is becoming the new normal and the pace of change increases every day. As an important member of this vibrant ecosystem, you will have a significant impact on tomorrow’s society.

The purpose of the ecosystem

Actors across the ecosystem aspire to:

  • Foster economic growth and build the businesses/employers of the future
  • Address a multitude of economic and societal challenges (e.g. Future of Mobility, sustainability)
  • Drive innovation across industries, allowing traditional players to keep up with technological advances

We deliver value in close collaboration with other actors contributing
to the ecosystem.


Koen Vandaele

Koen Vandaele

Managing Partner Ecosystems & Alliances

Koen is currently serving as global lead client service partner, next to supporting (technology) scale-ups in Belgium and across Europe/the globe. Previously, Koen led Deloitte's Consulting business i... More