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Examples of relevant projects

1.     Study on EU coordination of social security schemes
DG Employment

The project aimed to assess the economic and social impacts of a possible revision of the regulation for the coordination of social security schemes*. The project focused on the areas of unemployment and long-term care. The project combined a quantitative and qualitative approach to research.

2.     Support for impact assessment of the European Social Fund (ESF) post 2013
DG Employment

Deloitte organised a series of workshops with experts from the Commission and external organisation (e.g. managing authorities, trade unions) in order to reflect on the future of the ESF in the context of the ESF Impact Assessment. The main topics discussed were proportionality principles, financial engineering and the involvement of local actors.

3.     Study on working time regulation in the EU
DG Employment

Deloitte conducted a study intended to support the Commission services in identifying the needs that working time rules in the EU have to meet over the coming decades through research and analysis.

*Regulation (EC) 883/2004 and its implementing Regulation (EC) 987/2009

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