Government Trends 2022

What are the most transformational trends in the public sector today?

Government Trends 2022 focuses on how governments are striving to become future-ready postpandemic. We cover the most transformative trends in government today, grouped under three themes—building resilience, connected for greater value, and government for all the people.

2022 Government Trends

Building resilience

Pandemic-induced disruption aside, technology shifts, climate change, economic disruption, and supply chain issues are some of the areas in which governments are striving for greater resilience.

Climate-resilient government

How governments are addressing climate change

Faced with the adverse effects of climate change, governments around the world are prioritizing climate resilience by investing in infrastructure, societal resilience, and data analytics to predict and prepare for future disruptions.

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Reshoring and “friendshoring” supply chains

Reshaping supply chains to improve economic resilience

Nations around the world are trying to fix supply chain weaknesses by reshoring, but they will also need "friendshoring"—working with other nations and trusted supply sources.

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Future-proofing the labor force

Enabling the adaptive worker of the future

Technology-related skills gaps are being exacerbated by the pandemic. Government agencies around the world are working toward bridging this gap by equipping people to adapt not only to new jobs, but to entirely different fields.

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Connected for greater value

Arranging agency structures around “problems” rather than departmental boundaries allows for a better response to complex societal issues. Data-sharing plays a crucial role in this “silo-hacking” effort.

Linked-up government

Building connections for greater impact

The trend toward coordinating, collaborating, and linking up government through joint efforts across government, missions, and programs is accelerating. This can help them improve services and tackle wicked problems by enabling collaborative engagement.

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Data-fueled government

Breaking down silos with turbo-charged data

As government agencies experienced the full power of data-sharing during the pandemic, they rushed to adopt the tools, craft data policies, and hire—or rethink the role of—a chief data officer.

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Government as catalyst

Driving innovation ecosystems

The pandemic showed how government can help speed up innovation in every area—from production of masks to tests, drugs, and vaccine production. This report explores the role of government as a catalyzer of innovation for public good.

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New era of global public health partnerships

Collaborating for better health preparedness

The pandemic has accelerated international partnerships to build early warning systems for disease outbreak, conduct research on disease prevention and management, and ensure equitable distribution of health care resources around the world.

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Government for all the people

The pandemic threw a spotlight on diversity, equity, and inclusion. It became critical to improve digital access, enhance communication, and reimagine social care to better serve disadvantaged communities.

Digital access for all

Equity in digital service delivery

Government agencies, striving to enable equitable digital access in the wake of pandemic-led disruptions, are focusing on investing in infrastructure, designing for user convenience, and transforming back-end operations.

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Designing for inclusive engagement

Digital communications for richer community connection

Governments are trying harder than ever to engage with communities and become a trusted source of information. And as they adopt new digital tools for engagement, they are also trying to address the digital divide and build trust with communities.

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Reimagining social care

Recasting the social safety net

Rising costs, limited growth of government revenues, and increasing client expectations are compelling governments to not just repair, but to reweave, the social safety net in order to provide equitable, seamless, and effective services.

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