Directors' Alert 2015


Directors' Alert

Through the eyes of the board: Key governance issues for 2015

Deloitte’s specialists and independent board directors share their insights into the challenges facing today’s board members and the strategies they can employ to overcome those issues.

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Stakeholders will be watching closely to see how well organizations seize the opportunities and mitigate the risks of an ever-changing regulatory environment, further emphasizing the critical role of the board.

This edition of the Directors’ Alert, “Through the eyes of the board: Key governance issues for 2015,” highlights key challenges and explores potential responses that can be taken to address them:

  1. Activism: Conversations, not confrontations
  2. Board composition: Diversity and the measure of boardroom effectiveness
  3. Corporate reporting: Sharpening the signal to noise
  4. Regulatory: From catch up to cultural change
  5. Reputation: Protecting a highly valuable yet very fragile asset
  6. Strategy: Is it dead, or even more important than ever?
  7. Subsidiary governance: Balancing roles and responsibilities between parents and subsidiaries
  8. Sustainability: Understanding the real indicators that create value
  9. Technology: Digital disruption and what creates value for the organization
  10. Organizational Talent: Time to bring human resources into the 21st century

Each topic was developed with input from Deloitte's specialists around the world. The discussion includes questions directors may wish to ask management to further explore the issues within their own organizations. We also interviewed three independent board directors on their perspectives on corporate governance challenges in 2015.

Directors' Alert 2015
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