Private company governance: Independent board members can be a valuable resource for private companies

On the board’s agenda | February 2016

A board of directors or advisors can be a valuable resource for a private enterprise, bringing diverse perspectives, knowledge, and experience to the boardroom.

Welcome to the latest issue of On the board’s agenda, a publication series focused on topical issues of importance to non-executive directors. 

In this issue…

Marcelo Rivero, who sits on several private company boards in Mexico, and Daniel Aguinaga, Partner, Corporate Governance and Sustainability, Deloitte Mexico, look at how private companies can benefit from having a board, the role of independent board members, the different types of board structures, and the importance of transparency and reporting. They also discuss how independent board members can help private company owners address one of their greatest challenges — finding a successor.

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On the board's agenda serie

On the board’s agenda is a publication where we focus on topical issues of importance to directors. Each issue examines a single topic in detail, and includes the perspectives of a Deloitte professional with deep expertise in the subject matter as well as the views of an experienced external director or advisor.

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