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Data Protection Officer course

Deloitte premises

The Data Protection Officer Course is a course designed for professionals with a responsibility in data protection compliance, running over three consecutive days and is divided into 4 modules. The course is fully hands-on with lots of different business scenarios as well as practical tools you can take home for immediate use on the job.

Department-specific courses on privacy

Customised training | Your premises or at the European Privacy Academy (La Hulpe)

Privacy has become relevant for all departments of any organisation. Effective privacy awareness is the cornerstone of each privacy program. Our department-specific courses, which focus on how privacy is relevant for your department and what you should know specifically so that you can carry out your function in a privacy compliant way, can also be given in your company.

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Laurent Vandendooren

Laurent Vandendooren

Managing Partner, Risk Advisory

Laurent is managing partner of Deloitte Belgium’s Risk Advisory business unit. He is also a member of the Belgian Executive Committee as well as the North South Europe Risk Advisory Executive Committe... More