Pandemic planning

Can your business withstand major workforce disruption?

The effects of a business disruption can be wide-ranging, extending from a loss of productivity to significant revenue shortfalls. To protect your company, employees, customers and partners, you must ensure you have an appropriate plan in place to respond to the threat of a pandemic.

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Are you ready?

Since the World Health Organization labeled H1N1 a phase 6 pandemic in June 2009, companies across the world have been struggling to assess the potential impact on their business and to make appropriate plans.

So far, the statistics are not comforting. While much is still unknown about H1N1, public health agencies estimate that between 20% and 25% of a company’s total workforce could be absent during the peak two-week period of a pandemic outbreak. This compares to 8% absenteeism during a normal winter.

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Koen Magnus

Koen Magnus

Director, Risk Advisory

As Director within Risk Advisory, Koen is leading assignments related to business continuity and crisis management since 2008 in different sectors (infrastructure managers, government, telecom, manufa... More

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Johan Van Grieken

Partner, Risk Advisory

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