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Deloitte has one of the largest forensic practices in the world with over 1400 dedicated practitioners in over 30 countries. Forensic services help organizations protect their brand and reputation by proactively advising on their exposure to fraud, corruption, and other business risk issues. Our services are increasingly sought by companies and lawyers who require detailed investigations to be undertaken or disputes to be resolved.

"An integrated and secured data management is key to mitigate business risks. Indeed, the rising cost of fraud is impressive: corporate financial fraud cases increased 72% from 2005-2012 and companies hit by financial fraud lost on average 22% of their enterprise value." (Kyriba,

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What is it?

Forensic services evaluate a company’s exposure to fraud risks. Our team includes forensic accountants, legal and law enforcement specialists, and business intelligence experts.
We identify business system control deficiencies and assess financial processes. We use best-in-class tools and analytics techniques to collect and review vast amounts of electronic data. Our teams use state-of-the-art forensic technology to ensure that data is handled with maximum efficiency. 

Why is it important?

The world is witnessing increasing incidences of business misdemeanors such as fraud, conflicts of interest, corporate code of conduct violations, regulatory non-compliance, and others. This calls for effective monitoring both by regulators as well as corporates.

With the ever-growing amount of information, data management is crucial. Data privacy and security, bribery and corruption and leaks of confidential sensitive information are the most significant focuses for legal and compliance functions.

Deloitte's proactive and reactive solutions

Fraud risk management

Legislation, regulatory imperatives and proposed new guidance for corporates all mean that it is no longer adequate for firms to simply deal with fraud as it arises. It is necessary to have an effective fraud risk management strategy in place and to be able to demonstrate that you are engaged in financial crime risk management. We assess your vulnerability to fraud, define any weakness in your system and processes from both an internal and external perspective and help you minimize your vulnerability to fraud risks. We are able to assist with the development of anti-fraud policies, procedures and controls, and with designing and delivering training to management and staff.


Prosecutors and regulators across the globe are increasingly active in enforcing anti-corruption legislation. The number of enforcement actions, the number of jurisdictions within which enforcement actions have been brought and the size and nature of fines and penalties have all increased significantly over the last few years. The anti-corruption specialists at Deloitte have helped some of the world’s leading companies navigate corruption risk. We have been engaged by our clients to assist on some of the largest and most sophisticated anti-corruption enforcement actions. We can identify a range of questionable activities in business transactions. We help you to design, implement and monitor anti-corruption policies, procedures and internal controls.

Anti-money laundering

The costs of ineffectively managing this risk can be significant. There has never been a greater need for management to demonstrate effective, risk based antimoney laundering (AML) strategies. Antimoney laundering is part of our unique financial crime offering. Deloitte has extensive experience in leveraging its global anti-money laundering team to provide tailored solutions to many leading financial institutions as well as smaller organizations. Our services include AML risk assessment, evaluation of AML procedures, training and awareness, compliance and internal control assessments. 

Business intelligence services

There has been an increase in regulation and legislation, requiring companies to better understand the entities and individuals with which they are doing business. We help you to understand who are your potential customers, business partners, acquisition targets and major investors. Our specialist team has significant expertise in gathering information and intelligence across a wide range of sectors, under the strictest confidentiality and within the laws of the countries in which we conduct our work.

Whistleblower Hotline

An important aspect to encourage accountability and transparency within an organization is a mechanism to enable all individuals to voice concerns internally in an effective manner when your employees discover information which they believe show serious malpractice.. We can implement an independent, anonymous and confidential reporting service that enables employees to raise concerns about possible fraud or misconduct. This allows the company to take prompt and effective action. Issues uncovered through this service include bribery and corruption, procurement fraud, misappropriation of company assets or discrimination.

Forensic accounting and corporate fraud investigation

With the potential impact of fraud, accounting irregularities and financial crime, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to call upon a professional investigation resource. Whether investigating a large scale international fraud requiring the tracing of cross border transactions, employee malfeasance, procurement fraud or accounting “black hole” irregularities, our Fraud Advisory & Investigations team has extensive experience in dealing with the increasingly prevalent and complex problem of white collar crime across all industries and sectors. Using accounting expertise, investigative skills and transaction analysis, our professionals provide factual findings to clients.

Computer forensic

It takes special skills, techniques and technology to gather and preserve digital evidence. Without rigorous data capture and discovery techniques, crucial evidence could be lost. We have some of the most experienced computer forensic specialists, with backgrounds in law enforcement, technology, system security consulting that can help you in the identification, the collection and the forensic analysis of electronic data.

Forensic data analytics

Our Data Analytics professionals specialize in the collection, cleansing, enrichment, transformation, analysis and modelling of data for the purpose of investigation. We can help you to identify suspicious behavior, highlight abnormal trends in your data, and detect potential fraud risks. Data visualization is a powerful tool that enables to expose connections and trends in your data that are not apparent at first sight.

We use our global network, deep industry expertise and advanced analytical technology to understand and resolve issues. We can react quickly and confidenty in a crisis, investigation or dispute.

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