Directors' Desk

The Belgian Directors' Desk aims to promote a dialogue on corporate governance amongst industry bodies, companies and their boards and management, professional services firms, academia, government and others


Corporate Governance practices across the EU

The IFC Corporate Governance Group (World Bank) in partnership with EcoDa have just published a Guide to Corporate Governance Practices of the European Union.


The Risk Intelligent board

Boards are under pressure – regulatory, legal, fiduciary, stakeholder – to oversee the risk management activities of the company. But many board members are unsure how to approach their risk-related responsibilities.


Risk Intelligent governance

Exploring six key areas of governance focus that can help strengthen risk management practices and increase shareholder value.


Deloitte Directors Net

Deloitte Directors Net is a community that allows directors to stay up to speed with the latest governance and board issues.


Deloitte Chair on Governance

Through a series of lectures to students, supporting scientifical research and the organisation of debates for directors, the Deloitte Chair on Governance actively participates to the governance debate.


Audit committee

The purpose of the audit committee is to enhance confidence in the integrity of an organisation’s processes and procedures relating to internal control and corporate reporting.


Board of directors

As the representatives of shareholders, boards play a key role in overseeing the organisation and ensuring that the company continues to operate in the best interests of its shareholders. Given the complexity of today’s organisations, this is no simple or straightforward task.


Constitution of Belgian boards

Corporate governance practices are influenced and determined in different countries by an uneven mix of law, regulation, culture and customs. This article highlights a number of areas where these influences manifest themselves most strongly.

Rik Neckebroeck

Audit & Assurance Leader

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