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Deloitte is partnering with several key players in the industry to create a vibrant ecosystem that supports scale-ups in their development. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our partnerships or to become a member of this growing ecosystem.

Key partnerships

We have established several partnerships with academic and private players, incubators and investors to further improve our scale-up ecosystem offering. We invite you to discover who they are and what they do.


RetailDetail, the leading B2B-retail network in the Benelux, keeps retail professionals up-to-date by means of online and offline publications, retail events, inspiring retail trips, and the unique co-creation platform Retail Hub, where retailers and their suppliers can experience the future of shopping.

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La Grand Poste

La Grand Poste is the new creative and digital hub in central Liège. The 8,000 m² venue hosts a co-working space, start-up incubators, the University of Liège’s Media Campus, a craft brewery, and a food market. It aims to be a real hotspot, buzzing with life and open to the city, where students, professionals and the general public will be able to interact. 

We are very pleased to have Deloitte as a partner of La Grand Poste, the totem of the creative district of Liège.

- Gérôme Vanherf, CEO of La Grand Poste

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Vlerick is a leading international business school offering fully-accredited and world class education programmes. Its Scale-up Masterclass, a three-month learning journey for entrepreneurs across the globe, covers a variety of different topics such as international expansion, talent acquisition, customer retention, and sales process scaling.

Deloitte and Vlerick have a shared mission in life: We want to help scale-up entrepreneurs in overcoming their key growing pains as effectively as possible. That is what makes us excellent partners. We are both convinced that to achieve this goal, creating top-notch knowledge about scaling challenges is key and effectively transferring that knowledge to entrepreneurs requires being close to them and bringing them together in a close-knit community.

- Veroniek Collewaert , Professor of Entrepreneurship at Vlerick Business School 

Visit the Vlerick website – The Big Score

The Big Score is an international venture capital & corporate innovation event focused on squeezing time and accelerating interaction between three essential tech branches: high growth data tech solutions, international venture capital and corporation innovation sourcing.

Deloitte and The Big Score combine their networks to support each year the most promising enterprise focused scale-ups from all Europe. Together we welcome each year, Europe’s elite tech entrepreneurs to score deals with global, deep pocket investors and corporate multinationals looking for impactfull technology. The Big Score and Deloitte have a track record on succesfully accelerating Europe’s finest & future economy.

– Bruno Vandegehuchte (Managing Director) 

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Log!ville is a demonstration and innovation center that contributes to the innovation of the logistics ecosystem in Flanders. It is an open demonstration center where visitors can become acquainted with the latest technical possibilities and trends that can be used in their logistic processes. The goal of Log!Ville is to stimulate knowledge sharing between startups, mature companies and institutions.

Deloitte and Log!Ville are both convinced that innovation in the supply chain is the key to growth and will increase the competitiveness of our entrepreneurs "Through this partnership, we can give companies a view on the changing world within our industry, making the future more visible.

Patrick Aertsen – Managing Director Log!Ville

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BlueChem is the first incubator in Belgium that focuses specifically on innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable chemistry. BlueChem offers the ideal formula for ambitious start-ups and scale-ups to innovate, grow, and succeed within a unique business network and innovative ecosystem.

At a certain point, every start- and scale-up needs expert advice to help them grow. Our partnership with Deloitte and Deloitte Legal has helped BlueChem start-ups to reach the next level. For example, Deloitte Legal assisted individual companies in setting up their IP strategy, and marketing experts from Deloitte gave hands-on advice and directly applicable tricks for digital marketing actions.
- Leentje Croes - Manager BlueChem

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