Commercial Excellence

Our way of working

The Commercial Excellence team develops result-driven methodologies to help our clients transforming their commercial, marketing, and sales strategies into future proof and actionable plans to gain competitive advantage and boost profitability.


We create new business insights and a direct impact on your profitability & revenue generation by combining our strategy expertise with advanced data analytical techniques. To confirm that the right actions are taken, we embed data, analytics and visualization techniques as standard enablers in our approach.

As part of our approach, we ensure that every action we propose and take is tangible and traceable, by developing toolkits and dashboards, which will allow our clients to monitor future outcomes.

Our Commercial Excellence team covers a wide variety of topics, but all very closely connected. Going from segmentation to sales targeting and value selling:

Commercial Excellence framework

Route to Market

Customer Segmentation allows organizations to tailor their offers & services based on the unique needs at various stages of the customer lifecycle. Focusing on your customer, creates a point of differentiation in the marketplace that aligns the resources of your business to the ever-changing needs of the customer, while building mutually profitable relationships.

Channel marketing

With changing market and competition conditions, not only targeting the right customers, products and services is key, you must also find the right channels to convey these products and services to the market. Creating the right channel structure is crucial for increasing efficiency and market penetration and to develop value propositions, which are in line with channel expectations. A well-planned channel strategy and value proposition enables our clients to create their desired reach and increase access to their target customers.

Commercial Engagement

Commercial Value Proposition

Our clients sometimes struggle to identify and clearly communicate the true benefits of their product and service offering. We support these organizations by shifting from a more internal R&D perspective to a full customer perspective. This will help our clients to demonstrate the full value of their offerings & enable sustainable growth.

Pricing (Strategy to execution)

Our Pricing offering offers a holistic pricing approach: from strategy to execution. We define a pricing framework that supports business objectives by understanding and capturing the value of an offering relative to competitive alternatives and customer demands. We define the correct price points & pricing model, that maximize the value capture. In addition, we help organizations to build their pricing capabilities and to setup a proper governance to make results sustainable and embedded in the organization.

Salesforce effectiveness

Salesforce Allocation & Sales targeting

Industry shifts and regulatory changes are forcing our clients to reassess how they can best position their sales organizations to capitalize on change. Our methodologies help clients grow revenue profitably by improving how they plan, deploy, reward and enable sales teams. We help organizations achieve greater performance from their sales organizations through focusing on strategy and revenue creation, deploying technology and process solutions, and utilizing analytics.

Value Selling

Value selling focuses on inspiring individuals to transform your international organizations into Value Selling Organizations, making an impact that matters on our people and clients and generating oxygen for the future. A unique combination between mindset transition (Change by Design) and Sales Techniques (Monitor Deloitte). Fully in-context to match your organizational needs and ambitions.

Incentive system

It is definitely important to review your customer segmentation and align it with your go-to-market model & Pricing Strategy. However all these elements will not drive any additional profit if your sales approach is not correct. Putting the right enablers in place & building your capabilities is one thing, an incentive system for your sales reps is another yet often neglected aspect. Based on our experience, we ensure that your incentive structure is adjusted and in line with your new commercial strategy.

Analytics as a core enabler

Each offering is enabled by Commercial Analytics. These analytics will provide richer insights into what is really going on and allows decisions to be targeted and fact-based rather than directional & approximate. We developed “plug & play” assets for our clients so that insights can be generated from the start of each project. Besides that we have extensive experience with the following tools: Qlik, Tableau, Power BI, Anaplan, Python and R.

Analytics will allow you to:

  • Identify hidden business opportunities
  • Generate richer insights & more targeted questions
  • Utilize real-time info
  • Detect new insights on an ongoing basis


Marc Abels

Marc Abels

Strategy, Analytics and M&A Leader

Marc has 17 years of consulting experience with a focus on Sales & Marketing. Currently, Marc is a partner in the SBD offiering and taking up the role of leading partner for the SAMA portfolio. He has... More

Maarten Moreels

Maarten Moreels

Partner & Commercial Excellence Leader

Maarten is a Partner with a strong focus on Sales & Marketing and a deep expertise in pricing and commercial analytics. Prior to joining Deloitte, Maarten has gained over 8 years of business experienc... More