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We offer a single point of contact approach for employment law matters around the world.

Your challenges 

As the employment law landscape is becoming increasingly complex and in-house local resources or knowledge tends to be limited, it can be enormously challenging for companies when operating in multiple countries to manage different employment laws.

In addition, companies need to make sure that they are strategically aligned on a global level whilst complying with different employment laws locally and staying up-to-date on legislative changes and trends.

How we can help

To assist employers navigate the complexities of different employment laws, we offer a single point of contact approach to advise and assist with all employment law matters around the world, ranging from answering day-to-day employee lifecycle questions for specific countries to managing multi-country projects.

In fact, we can deal with employment law matters around the world based on our extensive network of employment law experts and lawyers covering + 60 countries enabling us to combine local expertise with coordinated delivery.

For the purpose of showcasing our capabilities and network breath we also have a dedicated freely accessible website, the International Employment Law Guide, giving you access to comprehensible details on the rules onhiring or dismissing employees in thesecountries.


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Nicolaas Vermandel

Nicolaas Vermandel

Partner, Global Employer Services

Nicolaas is an international employment law and social security expert. He assists organisations with an international footprint with multi-country projects ranging from HR compliance programs to draf... More