Posted Workers Directive

Time for action

Making sure you are compliant with the Posted Workers Directive.

Your challenges

Employers today are faced with ever greater compliance challenges and financial risks across Europe in respect of their international assignees and business travellers. The legislation mandated by the Posted Workers Directive (PWD) has led to strict registration requirements being imposed on employers, which creates an obligation to increase their oversight and tracking of overseas trips, and retain a wide variety of employment documents for both business travellers and assignees. These employer obligations are being put under increasing scrutiny and penalties are being imposed for compliance failures.

How we can help

We have developed a delivery model to assist organisations in complying with the PWD-related requirements to prevent sanctions resulting from non-compliance. Our team can help you with the tracking and follow-up of the notification requirements across the EU, acting as a representative to the local authorities, in accordance with national legislation storage of documents and/or coordination between employers and authorities. Moreover, we can advise you on all aspects of the requirements, review whether you’re compliant with host state employment conditions, and support you during social audits.

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Nicolaas Vermandel

Nicolaas Vermandel

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Filip Van Overmeiren

Filip Van Overmeiren

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