The chatbot for VAT advice

Deloitte Belgium's SAM is a (proof of concept) chatbot capable of providing first hand EU VAT advice. The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing software ensures both quality and a user-friendly experience.

What can SAM do?

SAM can analyse the VAT treatment of transactions (place of supply, exemptions, rate, deduction limitations, etc.) and how you should report it in a VAT return. He can also tell you if a transaction triggers an obligation to register in an EU country.

Actually, SAM can learn everything about VAT that you want him to know, and he can be completely tailored to your business to ensure that he will only ask the relevant questions.

Read more about SAM by downloading the insert on the right and meet him by watching the video below.

Meet SAM, your chatbot for VAT advice

Watch SAM at work

VATbot SAM provides advice on the VAT treatment of a supply with installation in Germany

VATbot SAM provides advice for when a transaction triggers a local VAT registration

VATbot SAM provides advice on the VAT treatment of a car rental in the Netherlands


Pieter Van Hoecke
Partner, VAT Consulting & compliance,

Karen Truyers
Senior Manager, VAT Consulting & compliance,