Global Investment & Innovation Incentives

Tax Planning & Advisory Services related to developing credits and incentives strategies 

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Improve the return on investments in sustainability, including: 

  • Alternative energy and power
  • Alternative fuels
  • Batteries
  • Carbon capture
  • Carbon “sinks”
  • Electric and autonomous vehicles
  • Energy efficiency
  • Food – agriculture and production
  • Green technology solutions
  • Pollution control
  • Water


Credits and incentives are offered by governmental jurisdictions through various forms including discretionary grants/credits/incentives, statutory investment tax credits, and relief in taxes imposed on income, property, payroll, and energy consumption.

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Renaud Hendrice

Renaud Hendrice

Partner, Tax

Renaud Hendricé is partner of the Global Investment and Innovation Incentives (Gi³) department in Belgium. Renaud joined Deloitte in 2000 as an international corporate tax advisor. He advises major mu... More

Sébastien Pauwels

Sébastien Pauwels

Manager, Business Tax

Sébastien joined Deloitte in January 2018 and has developed a deep expertise of tax incentives and funding schemes to support R&D and sustainability strategies of small and large scale companies. He i... More