The challenge

In today’s political environment where global trade regulations change at an incredibly fast pace, organizations are reconsidering their trade compliance strategy and looking for ways to optimize processes, minimize manual efforts, and focus resources on driving strategic value.

Classification is an important part of trade strategy as it defines amongst other, tariff and non-tariff measures and the duty rate applicable. Classification errors can lead to fines and penalties, over or underpayment of duties, missed opportunities, risks in preferential origin calculation and operational inefficiencies. Companies are facing multiple challenges in the classification process such as resource constraints, high turnover of products, human errors, inconsistencies in the existing classification codes.

To help organizations overcome these challenges, Deloitte has built TRADEclassifier, a cloud solution that utilizes Machine Learning for autonomous decision making through supervised processing, learning, and acting. TRADEclassifiers’ algorithms see the patterns within the data and learn how certain classification is reached. The solution is available as a stand alone tool (SaaS contract) or as a hybrid delivery model (outsourced classification by Deloitte).


Automate your workflow

Transition from manual to automated consistent process based on AI confidence and learning.

Improve classification quality

The tool allows identification of gaps and areas of risk, detects of inconsistent classification.

Get a better control of your data

Benefit from Data Quality Assistant (DQA) checks and enrichment, obtain valuable data insights.

Manage specific requirements

Support of client-specific vocabulary and product descriptions.

Stay compliant

TRADEclassifier is equipped with the latest classification content and is up to date to the latest legislations.

Enjoy flexibility

Fast onboarding & integration, various delivery models are available.

Global coverage

Possibility to implement the solution in different jurisdictions.

Increased efficiency

Improve process efficiencies, achieve consistency and reduce risks associated with manual errors.


TRADEclassifier is a cloud solution to transform your trade classification process, making it faster and more accurate leveraging automation and machine learning technologies.

Generates classification recommendations

Automation with accuracy and classification confidence

Captures a full classification audit trail and stores the results

Contains operational and performance dashboards

Uses client specific master data, vocabulary, product descriptions

Allows identification of gaps and areas of risk

Live AI based learning

Detects classification errors and suggests corrective actions

How it works


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