Socio-economic impact of the Pro League on the Belgian economy

Determining the footprint of Belgian professional football for the season 17/18

With the third place of our national team on the World Cup, a current eight place on the UEFA club ranking and growing turnover for the Pro League clubs, Belgian football and the Pro League clubs continue the positive trend, despite a less successful European campaign in the 17/18 season.

This second edition of the report highlights again the impact of the Pro League, both economically and socially. For the first time, the reader will be able to draw conclusions on the evolution of economic contributions by our Pro League clubs for the 17/18 season compared to the 16/17 season. On top of that, the report zooms deeper into a few topics high on the agenda, like agents, player salaries, club ownership and the importance of transfers.

While we recognize the important economic impact, this report has increased attention for the social impact of the clubs towards their youth players, fans and the broader community. Clubs play an important role in the local eco system, while at the same time they interact more closely with an increasingly international fan base. The clubs continued to invest in the youth academies, where the next generation of players is getting ready to help maintain the clubs their spot on the European level.

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