Socio-economic impact of the Pro League on the Belgian economy

Determining the footprint of Belgian professional football for the season 18/19

Our third edition of the report focuses on the social and economic impact of the most popular and visible sport in Belgium. In line with the previous editions, we will look deeper into the financial development of the Pro League and our professional football clubs (in terms of revenues, player salaries, agent fees,…) and we will also deep dive into the impact of player transfers, a vital element in
the business model of the clubs. In the chapter on the economic impact, we will examine how these financial evolutions translate in gross output, value added, job creation and tax contributions to our Belgian economy.

Aside from the economic impact, the social role that professional football clubs fulfill is becoming more important than ever. This year’s edition will substantially
recognize this effort, from both the professional clubs as well as the Pro League.

Deloitte Pro League 2020

This report will also discuss the event that has affected so many businesses this year, not in the least (professional) football, COVID-19. Our report gives an estimation of the financial consequences of this crisis on the Belgian professional football, both for the season 19/20 (an approximation based on the 18/19 figures) and for the upcoming season 20/21.

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