Socio-economic impact of the Pro League on the Belgian economy

Determining the footprint of Belgian professional football for the season 19/20

Football remains the most popular sport in Belgium and its impact is widespread. In the fourth edition of our study, we explore all aspects of how the Pro League contributes to the Belgian economy and society.

We delve into the financial development of the Pro League and the professional football clubs in terms of revenues, player salaries, agent fees, etc., and examine the impact of player transfers, a vital component in the business model of the clubs. 

The study addresses how the league and the clubs contribute to the Belgian economy through related spending, job creation and tax contributions. We also explore how the professional clubs are giving back to society, a commitment that is growing year by year.

We provide insights into how Belgian professional football has coped so far with the COVID-19 crisis, and outline the expected impact on the seasons to come. 

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