Socio-economic impact of the Pro League on the Belgian economy

Determining the footprint of Belgian professional football for the season 20/21

Football is without a doubt the most popular and most high profile sport in Belgium. The Pro League and the professional football clubs not only engage supporters, but play an important role in our economy and society, which we explore in our annual report.

The fifth edition of our report assesses the impact of the COVID crisis on Belgian football. From the significant financial losses to the accelerated growth of both B2C and B2B social media followers, we provide insights into the 2020/21 season.  

Our study sheds light on revenues, player salaries, agent fees, etc., and examines the impact of player transfers and the UEFA country ranking. Furthermore, it highlights how the Pro League and clubs contribute to the Belgian economy through related spending, job creation and tax contributions, and how they are giving back to society.  

We also dive into some case studies to further illustrate the evolution and impact of Belgian professional football.  

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