Let's play! 2020

The European esports market

Esports, which continued the trend of consecutive annual growth in Europe in 2019 with most companies increasing their revenues, has triggered curiosity and attracted new fans thanks to COVID-19. How does Belgium compare? All is revealed in “Let’s Play! 2020”, Deloitte’s latest study.

Despite the general trend of increasing popularity and growing audience numbers, Belgium finds itself slightly below the European average in terms of esports awareness and consumption. It ranks very close to the Netherlands in terms of market maturity.

A third of the Belgian respondents have watched esports before, compared to the 38 percent European average.

Esports have known a significant boost in terms of popularity driven by the COVID-19 crisis. The increase in consumption was the highest in Italy and Spain, which were most impacted by the pandemic and where some of the most stringent restrictions were imposed of all surveyed countries. The Belgian adoption of esports since the COVID-19 crisis is above average.

While fans started to consume more esports, the willingness to spend money was lower across all European countries, including Belgium, except for Germany.

However, the COVID-19 crisis has not only had a positive impact. The majority of planned esports live events had to be cancelled due to the restrictions imposed by governments.. 

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