A new digital consumer has emerged from the COVID-19 crisis. No matter the age, this new digital consumer prefers to use his/her smartphone despite being confined at home with several other devices, such as a laptop or TV. Working and shopping from home has become the norm, and the new digital consumer is becoming more aware of the types of online data being shared and used. His/her attitude toward the prospect of 5G is also evolving.

Spoiled for choice

While the smartphone was already the preferred device, its use has increased among all generations, including 65+, despite people having access to many connected devices. Will it continue to reign?

Lasting lockdown habits

With more time on their hands and nowhere to go, people turned to a wide range of media-related activities, many of them digital, during the lockdown. Some of these new habits are here to stay.

Remote working rules

Many new opportunities, and challenges, have emerged as more people work from home. With some finding it easier than being in an office, and others more difficult, what does the future hold?

Data privacy awareness

Personal data sharing with online companies is still a concern. Contact tracing gets the green light to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Most people still accept terms and conditions without reading them.

5G faces challenges

The rollout and adoption is still in its infancy in Belgium. Across all age groups, one third believes that there are health issues with 5G, while 2 out of 3 people in Belgium report limited understanding of 5G and its possibilities.

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