Mobile Consumer Survey 2019 – Theme 2

Wearables are on the rise

The global electronic wearables market is expected to grow to €77 billion and the smartwatch market is expected to grow to €22 billion by 2022. This growth is driven by increased communication convenience, health monitoring, and optional features (remote controller, digital wallet, virtual personal assistant, etc.).

Whereas smartphone, tablet and laptop ownership has grown modestly over the past five years, wearables (incl. smart watches and fitness bands) have shown the highest growth. In 2019, wearable ownership is at 22 percent (14 percent fitness bands, 10 percent smart watches).

Approximately 60 percent of Belgian wearable owners use theirs on a daily basis. However, 15-20 percent has not used their wearable in the last three months.

Although one of the key applications of wearables relates to health monitoring, only six percent of smartphones owners are willing to share health data with companies they interact with online.

Although penetration of fitness bands and smart watches is lower compared to tablets, they already show to be more relevant in our daily lives, with a higher daily usage.

Consumption trends across digital devices: Usage vs. penetration

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