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Customer Strategy & Design

We accompany organizations in their digital transformation journey by providing strategic guidance: identifying ambitions and translating these into actionable roadmaps and tangible. (Re)defining a digital strategy is crucial to address client needs and offer them a distinctive user experience. But a great strategy is only effective when its delivery achieves the predefined objectives.

At Deloitte Digital, we therefore ensure that a strategy is actionable, pragmatic and coherent with your organization's capabilities from the start.

Our approach to design a digital strategy is composed of 3 phases:

  • Definition of your ambitions in the context of your current business model and value propositions, competition, internal capabilities and external forces (such as competition and technology trends) and the assumptions that must be true to ensure the success of your strategy
  • Test those assumptions via rapid prototyping and user testing, and adjust accordingly to ensure that we can design a strategy that is reliable and relevant
  • Create a roadmap that describes the initiatives or projects to be realized to implement the strategy

We support organizations in:

  • Designing digital strategies and roadmaps, generating ideas and new value propositions (via ambition labs, hackathons, etc.)
  • Rapid prototyping: for new services (via wireframes and role play) and new digital solutions or products (both in 2D and 3D)
  • Strategic guidance: to accompany organizations with the implementation of their digital strategy, in an iterative and agile manner.


Philippe  Delhez

Philippe  Delhez

Customer Strategy & Design Leader

Philippe  Delhez has over 13 years of digital experience in different areas such as interactive user experience, product innovation, content - software solutions with many industry leaders and governm... More