Digital Strategy and Disruptive Innovation

Customer Strategy & Applied Design

We accompany our clients from the definition of their digital strategy to the design and implementation of minimum viable products.

Supported by our Digital Studio model, we work on

  • Digital strategy and innovation
    Helping our clients design new or adapt existing business models by generating new value propositions or services.
  • Transforming value propositions into prototypes
    Helping our clients transform value propositions or ideas for new services into tangible prototypes within 6 weeks.
  • Transforming prototypes into Minimum Viable Products (MVP)
    Helping our clients transform prototypes into digital solutions (web platforms, mobile apps, or phygital products such as interactive kiosks and digital signage) and launching them on the market through communication campaigns.

While we can work on each of these phases separately, it is by combining them that we create the most impactful outcomes. Especially because the end-user is always at the center of our approach, from field observations and interviews to prototype tests.

To ensure we can generate the most compelling experiences, we combine the best of Design Thinking and Agile Delivery methodologies.

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Digital Strategy & Disruptive Innovation

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Philippe  Delhez

Philippe  Delhez

Customer Strategy & Design Leader

Philippe  Delhez has over 13 years of digital experience in different areas such as interactive user experience, product innovation, content - software solutions with many industry leaders and governm... More