Incremental Innovation 

Customer Strategy & Applied Design

Because the focus can very often shift to another project when an MVP is launched on to the market, that 20% of missing functionalities might never be implemented. This means your solution may never expand to include new features or reach new target groups. We therefore can also accompany our clients after the launch of a digital solution on the market.

Supported by our Digital Factory model, we work on

  • Addressing incremental innovation
    Via user insight, analytics and bug reports, we prioritise and develop new functionalities to digital solutions. 
  • Getting the right insights
    Armed with a deep understanding of usage patterns gained through analytics and user behavior observations, we drive the decision-making on the lifecycle of the solution.
  • Increasing user adoption
    Through data-driven communication campaigns, we support the adoption of your digital solutions.

To ensure we can generate the most compelling experiences, we
combine the best of Design Thinking and Agile Delivery methodologies.

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Philippe  Delhez

Philippe  Delhez

Customer Strategy & Design Leader

Philippe  Delhez has over 13 years of digital experience in different areas such as interactive user experience, product innovation, content - software solutions with many industry leaders and governm... More