Deloitte partners with SAP to fill 1,000 SAP jobs

Deloitte joins forces with SAP to fill 1,000 SAP jobs

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing finance jobs. The focus is shifting from operations to creating new digital solutions that communicate with each other. As a result, the need to recruit and retain SAP consultants is becoming increasingly important. Deloitte is proud to support SAP’s campaign to fill 1,000 SAP jobs in Belgium together with its partners by the end of 2021.

Steep rise in the number of SAP vacancies

SAP launched the 1,000 SAP jobs campaign with a panel discussion in Brussels, Belgium. Rolf Driesen, Managing Partner Consulting, Inge Diels, Chief Talent Officer, and Steven Moors, Technology Partner Consulting, took part in the discussion to provide Deloitte’s perspective on the shortage of SAP professionals.


Deloitte has been an important recruiter for many years not only for the Belgian, but also for the European job market. In Belgium, we expect the number of SAP vacancies to rise by 20 percent each year. Together with SAP, we look forward to encouraging people to join this exciting profession. - Rolf Driesen

The ‘new’ finance professional

Having an affinity for technology and a dose of business insight is a winning combination for the ‘new’ finance professional. The technologies have evolved so that the configuration and the implementation of the solutions is much more intuitive, eliminating the need to be tech savvy. Once the solutions are in place, the finance professionals will face very different challenges, such as scenario planning and predictive forecasting, leading them to work closer with the business.

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