Real-time business insights

Technologies such as Business Intelligence and Analytics provide a competitive advantage in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive business world. SAP HANA could provide the speed and detail of insight to make a material difference to business.

SAP HANA: a game changer

The world of business is becoming increasingly fast-paced and competitive. Businesses are struggling to differentiate themselves, and are under constant pressure to increase revenues and profits, whilst at the same time provide better, more relevant customer service, and decrease operational costs.

In recent times, technologies such as Business Intelligence and Analytics, derived from large scale data warehouses, have been tools that business have tried to employ to gain this competitive advantage, however very few systems have been able to provide the speed and detail of insight required to make a material difference to business. SAP HANA could change this. 

Insight at the speed of thought

Built from the ground up as an ultra-fast data-agnostic database, it promises to provide businesses the ability to analyze huge data-sets (up to 100TB compressed) in fine detail and in real time. SAP claim reducing the time it takes to run reports from hours to seconds, representing a significant leap in organizations ability to analyze and derive insight and market advantage.

Examples and possibilities of how this can be used to reduce organizational cost and gain business advantage include: real-time calculation of trading and market risk for Capital Markets in order to minimize risk exposure, detailed monitoring of customer behavior for B2C organizations to provide more personalized customer service and reduce customer churn, and micro-level streamlining of large logistics operations in order to dramatically reduce operational costs.

HANA could also be used to help businesses develop new revenue streams, such as using it to develop detailed real-time upsell or recommendation engines, highly tailored to individual customer behavior, which could facilitate sales conversion. 

Overcoming the challenge

Of course there are also significant challenges around HANA that need to be overcome. Whilst it may be a game changing technology, it is still relatively immature and there are limitations in the technology that need to be carefully managed. In addition implementation of leading-edge technology often needs to be delivered in parallel with equally dramatic business change, such as people, process and organizational changes.

There is also a well-publicized lack of experience in the market able to manage and drive this new type of business. Overcoming these challenges will be critical to the success of our clients adapting HANA. Deloitte is fortunate to have both the breadth and depth of business and technical skills to be able to assist clients in this journey. The business world is changing rapidly, and Deloitte is perfectly placed to help take advantage of this brave new world.

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