Deloitte and Anaplan alliance

Connecting people, data and plans

The Deloitte and Anaplan alliance offers the combination of state of the art planning, budgeting and forecasting technology with the ability to design and deliver end-to-end on a variety of use cases within finance, sales, supply chain, human resources or IT. Together, Deloitte and Anaplan can help you transform your processes and solutions and aim for enterprise-wide and integrated, business-driven planning and performance management.

About our Alliance

What if planning could improve both your top and bottom line? Leveraging the native capabilities of Anaplan’s platform and Deloitte’s breadth of industry experience and unique transformational capabilities, we can get you there.  

Deloitte and Anaplan have a strong and long-lasting partnership, recognised both on a global and local scale, through successive ‘Partner of the Year’ awards. We are the top implementation partner and can fall back on a comprehensive international network as well as a strong local team of 30+ certified model builders and solution architects who bring a breadth of strong performance management skills, as well as relevant industry experience and expertise.

With the power of enterprise business planning combined with cognitive capabilities and predictive analytics, we can help transform how your business makes strategic operational and financial decisions. We’ve designed our industry-leading SaaS ecosystem of solutions to help you imagine where new value can be created and better orchestrate business performance. With solutions for each business function, we integrate Anaplan with other enterprise platforms to help you maximise efficiencies, increase visibility across your organisation, connect siloed data, and take your real-time planning and forecasting to an entirely new level. 

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Deloitte and Anaplan solutions

A connected planning solution that generates insight into the future impact caused by macroeconomic events to reinforce effective strategic decision making by enabling real-time complex scenario modelling capabilities using customer centric business drivers. 

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taught companies the importance of agility when it comes to adjusting plans and forecasts. This asset illustrates the possibility of using Anaplan in support of rapidly building alternative scenarios and simulations which will give you the opportunity to respond and recover more quickly and set yourself up to thrive again. 

Deloitte Digital Underwriting accelerator helps insurance organisations to digitalise and enhance the E2E underwriting process while maintaining full visibility on operations and governance through intelligent automation leveraging a single platform. 

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2022 Global Partner of the Year

For the eighth year in a row, Deloitte was awarded Anaplan’s Global Partner of the Year award in recognition of our contribution to helping our joint clients use connected planning to drive profitable revenue growth, improve operational efficiency, and generate new insights into improving enterprise value.

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