The Deloitte and Guidewire alliance

Working smarter and faster to drive results, not just implement technology

The Deloitte and Guidewire strategic alliance brings together Deloitte's deep experience in business transformation in the insurance industry with Guidewire's suite of core systems applications. Together, we help insurers realize their targeted business outcomes by transforming business processes that take advantage of the flexible capabilities in Guidewire software.

About our Alliance

What we’re about

Many systems integrators can stand up a new software system for you. Some stake their claim on doing it fast. But, speed without control is rarely enough to take your organization in a whole new direction or to realize the performance enhancements you set out to achieve. This is especially the case when the technology involved supports the core of your business as the Guidewire application suite does. That's why Deloitte's integrated approach to implementing Guidewire is different, and so effective. We bring deep industry knowledge, process experience, proprietary methods, business acumen, and technology insight to every project. It's about combining these elements to focus on value, working smarter and faster to drive results.

How we can help

Maybe your organization wants to develop the capability to launch new products with greater speed. Perhaps it wants to expand its distribution networks, empower its agents, or enhance customer service. Or, it could be focused on improving operational efficiency and reducing costs. Whether the objective is one or more of the above, or something else altogether, we know that your motivations are about driving business results, achieving competitive advantage, and not just about implementing technology. To help you achieve the targeted business outcomes you seek, we bring four distinct components to a Guidewire engagement:

Deloitte and Guidewire solutions

Our practitioners bring extensive insurance industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities, bold ideas, and a pragmatic mindset to resolving your business challenges. Deloitte has a leading global insurance practice that allows us to address the people and process aspects of an implementation that are critical for realizing the full value of the technology. This includes insight into macro trends, local and global perspectives, product design, and innovation related to the insurance value chain. In addition, our property and casualty insurance product specialists/actuaries are well versed in designing profitable, refreshed or new lines of business. To achieve your business objectives whatever they may be, Deloitte insurance industry specialists work hand in hand with Deloitte technology practitioners who are experienced in agile, scalable Guidewire-enablement, including data analytics and digital engagement.

Our business-focused approach to technology transformation incorporates leading practices and process know-how, along with time-tested methodologies and accelerators. These include our Guidewire Enterprise Value Delivery methodology, pre-configured templates, process flows, knowledge repositories, and flexible on-, near- and offshore delivery models. Maintaining a focus on value, we link our cutting-edge proprietary methods to measurable goals to help you achieve competitive advantage.

Our innovative approach helps to reduce the overall timeline and costs of implementation. We emphasize client ownership and quick decision-making. We start by assembling a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team that invites participation from business leaders, subject matter specialists, and often, offshore resources. Using demonstrated project-management methods, this team has the ability to accelerate projects by doing the necessary upfront work and adapting quickly to developments as the project unfolds. The goal is to stay nimble—to bend, but not break, and to keep things moving.

The success of a core-systems transformation depends as much on business capabilities as it does on the technology. That's why we build accountability into the engagement structure, both in terms of hitting technical milestones and in terms of gaining business buy-in and getting users up to speed with the new system and processes. Simply going live with a technology upgrade isn't enough.


Successfully transforming your business by upgrading your core systems requires both deep industry experience and broad technology delivery capability. Deloitte is one of the few consultancies that excels in both areas. Our global insurance practice comprises more than 5,000 professionals, with nearly 2,000 of those individuals in Europe. Our practitioners provide a spectrum of assurance and advisory, enterprise risk, tax, actuarial, regulatory, and consulting services to a broad range of insurance companies. Our clients range in size from global to middle-market insurers, including life insurers, property and casualty insurers, reinsurers, and brokers.

Deloitte is certified as a Guidewire PartnerConnect™ member, and we have one of the largest technology practices in the world. Through decades of experience in assisting companies with business technology transformation, Deloitte has developed innovative methodologies for application delivery as well as many tools and artifacts that can help accelerate implementation and reduce cost and risk. We work with well-established and emerging industry vendors to provide end-to-end system capability, including ongoing maintenance and support.

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