Deloitte and Workday alliance

An alliance focused on business impact.

As a globally recognized leader in consulting and Workday services, Deloitte can help you harness the value of Workday’s platform combined with human and financial capital to deliver services to help drive business impact. Information is your asset. People are your power. This is the future of work.

About our alliance

At Deloitte, we harness the power of technology to enhance the best usage of your company’s assets—both people and financial capital. Combined with Workday's cloud-based platform, Deloitte's Workday team of certified professionals can help organizations unlock the value of their employees and assets with streamlined workflows, centralized data, and unprecedented insights and analytics that drive impact to their top and bottom lines.

For over a decade, our global Deloitte Workday Alliance has worked to create agile, sustainable organizations through innovation and collaboration. As a global provider of Workday services, Deloitte works with our clients to harness the value of Workday’s platform to drive top-line growth, create efficiencies, and deliver an enhanced employee experience.

Deloitte and Workday solutions

As a leading Workday implementation partner, Deloitte can accelerate enterprise digital transformation in human capital, finance, planning, and analytics to increase productivity, enhance the employee experience, and provide insights to enable smarter and faster business decisions. We can help you not only build a single source of data but also create unprecedented insight into your business and work with you each step of the way to scale faster—and further—than ever before. And when you spend less time doing paperwork, recalculating figures, and hunting through multiple data sources, you have more time to focus on your big ideas, key decisions, and future innovations. That's the future of work.

Together, Deloitte and Workday offer capabilities across a broad range of service lines, including:

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Helping organizations execute cloud enabled HR transformation with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM)

Helping organizations execute cloud enabled Finance transformation with Workday Financial Management, Business Planning, Payroll, and other cloud enabled implementations

Workday Adaptive Planning, Prism Analytics, Workday Student and Industry Insights & Accelerator Solutions


  • Deloitte Recognized as the Winner of the 2023 Workday Partner Industry Innovation Awards for the Cross-Industry (CHRO) Category.
  • Deloitte has been ranked the global leader in Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Financial Management Services by HFS Research 2021.

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Ann Pieters

Ann Pieters

Senior Manager, Consulting

Ann is leading the Workday offering in Belgium and is a Senior Manager in the Belgian Consulting Practice of Deloitte. She has 18+ years of experience in the field of HR processes and multiple HCM Clo... More