Business Intelligence for Public Sector

Budget cuts, reformations, critical questions, efficiency improvements, … all belong to the daily challenges for every Belgian government. They put pressure on the institutions as we know them today. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence can help institutions deal with this large variety of challenges.

Solutions that provide actionable insights

The solutions to challenges of public institutions are hidden within the large stacks of data that governments have gathered throughout the years. Business Intelligence helps them structure the data into meaningful, insightful and valuable information within an automated environment.

It provides them easy access to the answers they are looking for by analyzing trends concealed in hundreds of millions of records. Different tools help them to answer ad-hoc questions, create structured reports, provide the numbers for their annual reports and have dashboards to follow up on their goals and actions. 

Deloitte's added value

We believe that efficiency improvements and objectified insights are a direct effect of Business Intelligence. Deloitte has made this possible by building Business Intelligence platforms that align the realization of strategic goals within a governmental institution to their financial budget. The resulting measures allows for a timely change of course if needed.

Next to institution wide insights, we help departments with the optimization of their workflow by indicating bottlenecks based on data, we map out the school behavior of students, the issuing of environmental permits, … .


By increasing insight on internal processes and their external service delivery, Deloitte brings value to our Belgian and European governments.