Inside Magazine - Issue 8 - COO CHRO


Inside Magazine - Issue 8

COO CHRO - April 2015

Inside Magazine is published quarterly by the Deloitte Luxembourg member firm to address topics related to a specific C-level function, explore them in detail, and provide you with an analysis.

It is a great pleasure to provide you with this edition of Inside dedicated to Chief Operating Officers (COOs) and Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs).

This issue offers views on various topics such as target operating models, distribution network, digital transformation, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and HR policy. Target operating models, and operations as a whole, are going through profound changes as a response to operational challenges, regulatory requirements and digital innovations. The current environment is challenging the financial services industry players, but represents at the same time an array of opportunities for companies to develop and grow.

Inside Magazine issue 8, April 2015

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