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Deloitte Greenhouse: United Kingdom

Moving from digital disruption to digital readiness

A CPG executive experiences the digital experience through the customers’ eyes

The client’s challenge

The consumer business sector is arguably the industry most affected by digital disruption, from its operations and customer relationships, to its brands and other dimensions of their shareholder value. For one top consumer packaged goods company, keeping up to date with and responding to the latest disruptive digital forces is a key challenge. The Global COO looked to Deloitte UK to tap into fresh ideas in digital innovation, gain foresight into emerging trends, and understand how to tangibly apply these innovations directly to his company’s operations.

Deloitte’s solution

The leader of Deloitte UK Digital planned a daylong master class in digital business that would provide the COO with an immersive and multi-faceted experience using advanced technologies centered around potential digital disruptions and their impact on his company.

A Deloitte UK expert framed the session by discussing the disruptions taking place in the retail sector and how those disruptions could subsequently impact consumer goods businesses. Using the Greenhouse’s interactive technology capabilities, the team explored various apps, videos, and simulations showing how digital forces are changing shoppers’ in-store experiences. One app was designed to complement an in-store experience; another demonstrated a customer ordering portal.

Deloitte UK’s digital specialists worked with the COO to profile buyers of his company’s goods. An illustrator then helped bring the digital customer experience to life by exploring the persona of one of these key customers. By working through the persona’s needs, challenges and digital touch points, the client could begin to understanding how digital disruptions would redefine those customers’ encounters with the company and its products. The creative and visible way in which the persona was brought to life aided the COO in piecing together what asuccessful digital experience would look like for this particular customer.

Impact on client’s business

The combination of expert presenters, interactive content, and purposeful discussion, all staged in the Greenhouse environment, brought digital disruption to life for the COO and helped him see both opportunities and risks stemming from digital forces. Following his session in the Greenhouse, the COO identified a number of internal and external operations that could benefit from a digital strategy re-fresh, and set up individual Greenhouse sessions for each of them, including one to develop a new digital strategy for their entire learning platform.

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