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Adequate assistance for understanding accounting and financial reports matters, locally and globally

Deloitte’s multidisciplinary capacity in the most diverse sectors and specific knowledge of our professionals enable the implementation of unique, fast solutions for any type of challenge, locally and globally.

Our solutions can help in specific matters or in carrying out complex work that demands broad approaches, providing clear and specific answers to the most diverse challenges of today’s business environment.

Our solutions

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Deloitte assists companies as they prepare to issue stocks or bonds on the stock exchange, both in Brazil and abroad, apart from supporting companies that intend to go public or migrate to Bovespa’s Novo Mercado and Level 2.

Initial public offering services or “IPO readiness”;

Support in assessing and implementing the necessary requirements to prepare financial statements and meet local and international regulatory obligations, for companies intending to go public. 

Assistance services in local and international capital markets

Assistance in the IPO process, helping your company:

  • Plan and manage the IPO process;
  • Prepare or review financial statements and other information required (pro forma, carve-out, and others) in connection with the IPO;
  • Respond to information requests from financial institutions coordinating the offering (underwriters), legal advisors and auditors;
  • Clarify potential comfort-letter issues;
  • Interact with legal advisors and underwriters;
  • Review IPO documents, in order to comply with relevant regulations;
  • Understand regulating bodies’ current opinions and respond to comments made during the process.


Post-IPO assistance services

Support in identifying the company’s new obligations regarding the preparation of financial reports and the development of a mechanism that ensures conformity with such requirements and process sustainability.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

The International Financial Reporting Standards, the global accounting standard, require companies around the world to evaluate potential implications and benefits of their application, including monitoring for new announcements applicable to your business.

Our professionals have great experience in helping clients plan and execute complex and challenging IFRS applications, being able to assist in different aspects of the implementation process. We can help your company:

  • Assess the impacts of conversion to the IFRS in the initial adoption (diagnosis);
  • Execute a detailed adoption plan of the new IFRS, such as IFRS 15, IFRS 16 and IFRS 9, including initial diagnosis and, if applicable, development and execution of an action plan for their implementation, including assistance in project management office (PMO), and preparation of a memorandum based on technical surveys, analysis of alternatives for accounting and financial statements delivery, and training;
  • Develop a maintenance plan for the application of these announcements to your company's daily routine;
  • Respond to IFRS implications in areas such as public finance, taxes, financial operations, technology and evaluation;
  • Prepare and implement control frameworks, efficient IT and data flow tools, and fast methodologies to organize the process of preparing corporate financial statements in a global manner.

Reporting Advisory Services (RAS)

Complete advisory support to prepare financial reports and broad knowledge of all the aspects that may impact the preparation of results for investors, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders.

Preparation of financial statements and regulatory assistance

Preparation of financial statements (including those related to companies on sale, partially demerged or acquired), “pro forma” financial information related to business acquisitions and destination of resources, among other requirements from regulatory bodies; also including the response to comment letters and other questions from regulatory bodies.


Preparation of reports after mergers and/or acquisitions

Assistance in evaluating requests for reports after mergers or acquisitions and implementing necessary processes to meet these requests.


Support in the implementation of accounting practices and preparation of financial reports

  • Assistance in the application of international accounting standards (IFRSs), U.S. accounting practices (US GAAP) and other local accounting practices (BR GAAP) to complex or non-routine transactions;
  • Support in the adoption of new rules issued by regulatory bodies;
  • Evaluation of accounting policies to adjust them to the standards or for benchmarking (best practices);
  • Implementation of Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL);
  • Creation or maintenance of solutions to communicate and apply, via the Internet, new accounting announcements and regulatory requirements.


Technical support for complex transactions (Complex Accounting)

Technical support in analyzing, documenting and measuring through a multidisciplinary focus, complex accounting topics, such as:

  • Biological assets evaluation;
  • Remuneration plan based on stocks (development of variable remuneration structures);
  • Financial instruments;
  • Hedge Accounting;
  • Business combination;
  • Review of shelf life, residual value and componentization;
  • Deemed cost application;
  • Assistance in asset allocation for cash generation units and preparation of impairment tests.


Adherence to the New Accounting Legislation

Support to companies to adhere to Law 11638/07, helping them increase the level of transparency in the manner that financial statements are presented.

Training programs

Training program to prepare financial reports

  • Preparation of regular training programs and e-learning modules with topics applicable to client's operations;
  • Update of professionals in preparing financial statements and responding to requirements from regulatory bodies.

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Jon Marcus

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