Global Powers of Retailing 2016

Navigating the new digital divide

This year's report focuses on the impact technology is having on in-store shopping and retail industry business strategies.

The 19th Global Powers of Retailing identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world and analyzes their performance based on geographic region, product sector, e-commerce activity, and other factors. The report is much more than a list, however. Our specialists provide an overview of the global economy and how it will impact the retail sector. 

The document considers the impact technology has on in-store shopping. Digital behaviors and expectations of consumers are evolving faster than retailers are delivering on those expectations, creating a "digital divide."

Considering this scenario, there are three important trends in this area:

  • No single path toward digital adoption  While all markets are moving in the same direction, some are taking somewhat different routes to get there. Some emerging markets, for example, are entirely skipping adoption stages previously experienced by established markets.
  • One digital "size" does not fit all customers – Digital behavior varies depending on personal factors, for example age, income, and product type being sought.
  • Consumers are demanding better digital tools – Digital tools and channels can both extend a retailer's reach and increase revenue, but customers are currently feeling unsatisfied and underserved.

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