Global renewable energy trends

Solar and wind move from mainstream to preferred

​Technological innovation, cost efficiencies, and increasing consumer demand are driving renewables—particularly wind and solar—to be preferred energy sources. We examine seven trends that are driving this transformation.

Renewable energy passed a new threshold in 2017, showing signs of becoming not only a mainstream energy source, but a preferred one. Solar and wind power now come closest to meeting three energy consumer priorities: reliability, affordability, and environmentally responsible.

The survey "Global renewable energy trends" explores three enabling trends that are helping solar and wind power compete on par with conventional sources:

Global renewable energy trends
  • Price and performance parity on and off the grid
  • Cost-effective and reliable grid integration
  • Technology for automated, intelligent, blockchained and transformed renewables

A broad range of energy consumers—including cities, communities, emerging markets, and corporations—are increasing demand for renewables as they are best able to meet these consumers' cost, decarbonization, and reliability goals.

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