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Forensic & Disputes

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As a leader in forensic services, Deloitte assists in identifying issues related to financial crimes, regulatory responses, technical / financial / economic / accounting assistance, and crisis counseling.

Our global network enables us to provide services around the world, with solutions in Anti-Corruption Consulting, Corporate Investigations and Disputes and Litigation in forensic solutions

How can Deloitte help?

Deloitte Forensic has extensive experience in financial crime investigation services, enabling us to assist our clients in solving critical and complex issues. Our corporate fraud investigation advisory services are aimed at identifying, analyzing and organizing evidence, presenting the relevant facts so that organizations have the necessary information in a comprehensive and precise way, assisting in decision making.

We advise our clients through a global network that offers a comprehensive solution and throughout the entire corporate cycle.


Our solutions in this area include:

  • Investigation of financial crimes;
  • Identification of frauds done internally and by third parties;
  • Analysis, prioritization and treatment of complaints;
  • Response to regulatory requirements.


How can Deloitte help?

Corporate disputes and litigation are a growing reality for companies around the world, potentially destabilizing businesses, harming reputations and implying significant costs. Our specialization in the financial, economic and industrial areas plays a vital role in assisting with legal arguments, based on facts, analysis and evidence.

Our goal is to provide clear and valuable information through technical assistance in matters of our specialty where Deloitte Forensic's own professional experience and solutions are differential in complex processes where technical accuracy makes the difference between financial gains and losses.


Our solutions in this area include:

  • Assistance in mediation and arbitration;
  • Customer technical assistance involved in disputes;
  • Technical assistance to the arbitration panel;
  • Expert of the judge and the referee.


Dispute and litigation

How can Deloitte help?

Deloitte helps national and international companies prevent risks of acts of corruption and deal with potential infractions, including compliance with the Brazilian Anticorruption Law (Law No. 12846) the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), the UK Bribery Act and other relevant laws.

Deloitte’s staff consists of a large diversity of professionals dedicated to investigation, including forensic accountants, information technology specialists and corporate intelligence researchers (background check), allowing it to respond rapidly and effectively to needs for investigation or consulting of our clients.


Our solutions in this area include:

  • Assessment of Corruption Risk Assessment;
  • Investigations by internal and regulatory demands;
  • Development and implementation of internal anti-corruption audit programs;
  • Anti-Corruption Training;
  • Anticorruption Due Diligence;
  • Assistance in the evaluation of third parties;
  • Identification of conflicts of interest.

Fight against corruption

How can Deloitte help?

When encountering litigation and / or corporate fraud situations, M & A transactions, partnerships with third parties, or contracting suppliers, access to as much information as possible about the parties involved and their relationships is essential.

Our Business Intelligence Services (BIS) team has specific training to assist our clients in collecting and analyzing information from public and private sources about individuals and legal entities, including reputable and business information in various jurisdictions, within the limits of the availability of public records.

Our specialists conduct research - national and international - through customized and automated tools that allow the identification of relevant facts according to the specific needs of our clients.

Our solutions in this area include:

  • Pre-acquisition Due Diligence;
  • Reputational research;
  • Risk assessment of third parties;

Business Intelligence Service (BIS)

How can Deloitte help?

Our Analytics group helps companies understand and analyze their data sources to identify deviations and anomalies. In the event of a crisis, investigation or dispute, we gather and analyze a large volume of structured data that helps the team of forensic specialists to identify and gather relevant facts.

Our team has access to a wide range of advanced tools and technical resources for extraction, processing and visualization of data that allow the identification of standards and exceptions quickly and efficiently.


Our solutions in this area include:

  • Large data analysis (support for forensic specialists);
  • Proactive fraud and corruption analysis.


How can Deloitte help?

Electronic evidence is perishable, so timely collection and preservation is essential in conflict resolution. We advise our clients on issues that require the use of forensic technology for the analysis of digital data and information.

Our Computer Forensics and e-Discovery services, with the help of specialized software and hardware, have the ability to collect, preserve, filter and process large volumes of data making analysis of this information more efficient and comprehensive. In this way, we identify relevant evidence and documents in processes that require analysis, demonstration and / or organization of electronic data in a short period of time.

RelativityOne (SaaS)

Deloitte has expanded its technology offering, in forensic services, through its growing relationship with Relativity, makers of the industry leading e-discovery platform. In Brazil, Deloitte will now offer access to RelativityOne, the company’s SaaS platform, to deliver e-discovery solutions with increased speed, flexibility, and security. Deloitte’s experience combined with Relativity’s technology solutions will provide clients the flexibility to work fully in the cloud, in an on premise environment or a hybrid model while offering the scalability, agility, and strategic insights to meet the specific needs of a matter.


Our solutions in this area include:

  • Collection and forensic preservation (image) of electronic files;
  • Data recovery;
  • Processing and organization of electronic files;
  • Mapping the history of computer usage;
  • Online review of documents and e-mails (e-Discovery);


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Fernando Yamashita

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