We help clients address end-state planning and integration needs to be better prepared for Day One and beyond.

Our services

Deloitte supports clients during the process of planning for the integration of two companies, assessing in advance impacts in different functions of the companies (Finance, IT, Operations), supporting the identification and solution of interdependencies between functions and supporting client’s leadership in managing related risks an issues of the project.  Deloitte can support your team in reducing business impact and increasing deal returns. 

Integration planning and support

A Day One Readiness Program will support Buyer on the definition of the Target state on short, mid and long term, construction of Integration Plans for different functions within the company (including cross-functional activities such as the Cutover Plan) and on the execution management of these plans that aims to sustain business continuity through closing and first 100 days post close.

Day One readiness 

The Change Management Program looks to build on successes and actively manage integration-related changes, supporting identification and delivery of key functional communications for leadership, employees, and customers. This Program will keep the Hearts & Minds  of the key stakeholders involved, focused and committed to the integration.

Change Management

A Transition Service Agreement Program is important to support the identification and planning of services that will guarantee business continuity on Day One, if a company does not fully integrate all processes on Day One. This program is essential to make sure these necessary services will be fully working on Day One and that teams are aligned on how the processes and communications will occur during this period.

Transition Service Agreement

A comprehensive Synergy Program is required to capture the underlying value expected with the transaction. This service supports the identification, communication and tracking of sources of value, including the support on the construction of Synergy Action Plans. Deloitte analysis shows successful integration programs typically focus on identifying the sources of synergy benefit and drive to achieve them as quickly as possible.

Synergy Support

A Post Day One Planning & Support it is important to be set up before closing in order to allow teams to immediately begin after Day One executing initiatives that drive growth and deliver synergies. Additionally, Deloitte experience shows that this  planning is important in order to not lose momentum.

Post Day One Planning & Support

Examples of qualifications


Major global agribusiness multinational: Supported full integration of five factories, for Commercial, SC, Ops, IT, Finance, Tax and HR. Besides supporting the Legal Entity Merger process, also engaged for synergy support and change management.

Global Agrichemicals Company: Engaged to perform integration planning of commercial teams for all countries in Latin America after the acquisition of a Danish competitor in the same industry.

Consumer Business

Top 3 Brewing Companies in Brazil: Engaged to support the client in the execution of the management transition and synergy assessment to promote Working Capital cost reduction, governance standardization, risk assessment and budget preparation to be presented to investor.

Major Distilled Spirit Manufacturers in Brazil: Engaged to execute Commercial, Tax and Operational integration with focus on cost reduction, product capabilities optimization and best tax strategy definition.

Top 3 Commercial Information Provider in Brazil: Engaged to establish a new Organization structure and promote integration of business processes.

Energy & resources

Diversified Metals & Mining Company: Integration and harmonization between companies, considering different organizational cultures. Delivered a Change Management plan based on client expectations, and linked to mission and vision.

British Oil and Gas Company: Development of CCR plan (Close and Consolidation Report) for Day One + 180. Additionally, after the acquisition, support of the integration of client’s CCR processes in order to mitigate the risks.

Manufacturer of Pipelines for the Oil and Gas Industry: Provided Day One Readiness support by developing critical path milestones and flagging key integration risk areas, mitigating actions and opportunities. Lead integration within 10 functional teams.

Financial services and insurance

Japanese Insurance Company: Engaged to supported insurance companies integration through the definition of Day 1 requirements and future end state integration plan.


Life Sciences & Health Care

American Pharmaceutical Company: Engaged to support business integration of two companies, aiming to build the 3rd largest healthcare company globally and implementing right controls to avoid business disruption in Day 1.

Top 3 Drugstore Chains in Brazil: Engaged to coordinate the integration of both store chain, supporting the definition of Day 1 requirements in order to manage key integration risks and business continuity.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Multinational Media Company: Go to Market and operating model transformation through the several acquisitions done in LATAM.

Major ITM and BPM Service Providers: Define new strategy and integrate operations considering the best practices of both acquired companies. Ensure alignment between both companies, considering particularities.

Major Credit Analysis and Information Providers: Engaged to coordinate the integration of both legal entities, supporting the definition of Day One requirements in order to manage key integration risks and business continuity.

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Venus Kennedy

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