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Complete assistance in a M&A transaction

Deloitte has a complete set of solutions to support your company and investors in all phases of a M&A operation.

Deloitte works on acquisition transactions, first by defining the transaction strategy, followed by target identification and evaluation stages, estimation of the value range of target companies for presentation of purchase offers, support in negotiating a Letter of Intent, conducting of due diligence, negotiation of the final transaction terms and support for post-merger integration.

Selling a company is a much more complex activity than one might imagine at first glance and, above all, an operation that can only be done once. Therefore, it is important to protect equity by planning and structuring the sales process carefully, supported by qualified assistance. In doing so, the chances of maximizing the sales value of the business are much higher. Deloitte’s wide range of services and vast experience allows it to make an objective perspective of alternatives available to shareholders.

Organizations have already realized that regular evaluation of all portfolio assets and planning of selective sales to obtain the highest price in a quick process have become necessary conditions for successful transactions. Many companies are increasingly understanding that disinvestment needs to be part of their central strategy instead of simply a way to improve finances in times of crisis.

Deloitte takes a holistic view of the entire M&A process to address each phase and challenge. It can support a company's expansion strategy with services that allow better access to financial resources and financial or strategic investors.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:

  • Refinancing and implementation of new capital structures;
  • Acquisition and financing of new projects;
  • Financial or operational restructuring;
  • Capitalization of the company by selling corporate shares to financial investors, such as private equity funds, and subsequent investment in acquisitions or organic growth;
  • Complete financial assistance with all phases of raising debt or equity.

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