Real estate portfolio management

How to improve strategic and financial efficiency.

The cost of managing assets can represent companies’ second highest fixed expense. Consequently, defining investment projects that can be implemented or abandoned in the real estate portfolio becomes a complex and important challenge.

In this sense, Deloitte has simultaneously developed its analytical tool in various countries for the purpose of helping organizations in their strategic management to generate monetary value for real estate assets and, consequently, greater flexibility, productivity and efficiency in their businesses.

Our solutions

  • Data storage;
  • Display, analysis and simulation of scenarios;
  • Portfolio comparison with sectoral indicators;
  • Task force for data entry.

Strategic analyses

Deloitte develops strategic analyses of a real estate portfolio in order to identify the best market potential for each property.

Thus, Deloitte provides complete knowledge of an existing real estate portfolio, with important indicators designed to maximize investors profit and minimize risks.

Key contact

Cláudia Baggio

Cláudia Baggio

Leader of Real Estate and Asset Valuation

With solid professional experience, she is currently responsible for the Deloitte Asset Valuation area in Brazil and the Real Estate sector.... More