Cities Project

Develop a socio-economic assessment of the city in order to identify and analyze gaps to indicate existing priorities or omissions, with systemic vision and indication of priorities.

This analysis, together with identification of existing centralities – or rather, identification of the diverse hubs of services, commerce, companies and residences, among others - makes it possible to verify the reasonability of construction and/or development of new centralities, considering projects that can be studied and presented as investment options to either private or public sectors.

One of the results of the assessment is the preparation an investment plan to support and technically justify investments for sustainable regional development along the following lines:

  • Actions to generate jobs and income;
  • Capture and suitability of local manpower;
  • Improvement of urban and social economic infrastructure, including education and health;
  • Creation of business opportunities (investments) in the public and private sectors;
  • Improvement of the population’s quality of life;
  • Increased visibility of the region in the national and international scenarios;
  • Establishment of services of excellence to attract investors;
  • Social legacy and creation of opportunities.

Key contact

Cláudia Baggio

Cláudia Baggio

Leader of Real Estate and Asset Valuation

With solid professional experience, she is currently responsible for the Deloitte Asset Valuation area in Brazil and the Real Estate sector.... More