Governance of Third Parties and Risk Management

Keep partners close for better management and mitigation of risks

Among the main factors that drive the need for improved governance of third parties and risk management are expectations of growth in outsourced services in organizations, new regulations in the domestic and international sectors and the high speed at which information is released in the digital era.

To remain competitive and in line with market trends, organizations are increasingly attempting to improve management of third parties and suppliers and how they handle vulnerabilities in the various dimensions of their business, mainly with respect to risks that can damage their image and reputation.

An increasingly common practice

The global survey “Third Party Governance and Risk Management”, conducted by Deloitte in 2016 with more than 170 organizations, indicates that more than half of those interviewed believe that third parties will have an essential role in the next years. Some of the main reasons include:

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Governance of Third Parties and Risk Management program methodology

Deloitte’s multidisciplinary market operations cover organizations’ entire value chain. Consequently, it has developed an approach that addresses the main concerns of managers with regard to governance of their third parties and suppliers throughout the entire relationship cycle.

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Main benefits of integrated management of third parties based on risk