Regulatory Support & Strategic Risk


Regulatory Support & Strategic Risk

Deloitte assists organizations in managing their complete regulatory and strategic risks life cycle, as well as structuring, implementing, and monitoring their compliance programs.

Our solutions for regulatory risks

Development of strategies to anticipate and adapt to regulatory changes.

Our solutions in this area:

  • Diagnosis of regulatory strategy and regulatory observatory;
  • Development of regulatory compliance strategy;
  • Development of operational model and governance of compliance areas and functions.

Regulatory strategy

Developing, implementing and operating compliance programs that preserve organizational value and create competitive advantages.

Our solutions in this area:

  • Evaluation of regulatory compliance programs;
  • Development and implementation of regulatory compliance programs;
  • Testing and remediation of regulatory compliance controls;
  • Monitoring, analysis and reporting of regulatory compliance;
  • Analytics solutions for regulatory compliance monitoring;
  • Training and training in regulatory compliance;
  • Outsourcing of regulatory compliance programs;
  • Risk assessment of third parties, regarding compliance with regulatory frameworks.

Regulatory compliance

Respond to actual or potential regulatory (actual, punitive, punitive) censures by implementing efficient and effective change processes.

Our solutions in this area:

  • Diagnosis of failures in regulatory compliance structure and gaps analysis;
  • Development and implementation of the compliance remediation structure;
  • Corporate investigations, regarding deviations from regulatory milestones and issues related to ethics;
  • Evaluation of the impact of failures in the regulatory compliance structure;
  • Attests of compliance, in response to regulatory demands (adherence of TACs, ACCs, TCPs, among others).

Regulatory response

Our solutions for strategic risks

Adopt governance mechanisms that enable business to be monitored by the Board of Directors, based on best practices, ensuring transparency, fairness, accountability and corporate responsibility.

Identify risks arising from disruptive trends, technologies and business models that can impact competitive advantage, market position and long-term performance, destroying value or the business in its entirety.

Our solutions in this area:

  • Modeling of governance structures;
  • Integrity program;
  • Governance solutions for board of directors;
  • Governance for family businesses.

Corporate governance

Identify risks arising from disruptive trends, technologies and business models that can impact competitive advantage, market position and long-term performance, destroying value or the business in its entirety.

Our solutions in this area:

  • Corporate risk management;
  • Identification and response to strategic risks;
  • Indicators of corporate risk management.

Strategic risk

Identify, monitor and respond to internal and external risks that impact stakeholder perceptions of credibility, quality and other attributes that may affect the brand and / or organizational reputation.

Our solutions in this area:

  • Brand strategy and reputation;
  • Brand protection and reputation;
  • Brand and reputation resilience;
  • Governance, measurement and continuous improvement of brand and reputation.

Brand and reputation risk

Prepare to monitor crisis scenarios, respond to and recover from events of the genre, including execution of plans, staff training, communication strategies with stakeholders, recovery and mitigation of damages.

Our solutions in this area:

  • Preparing for crises;
  • Crisis response;
  • Crisis recovery.

Crisis management

Develop, monitor, ensure and report on sustainability missions addressing the social, ethical, environmental and other non-financial issues of key stakeholders.

Our solutions in this area:

  • Strategy, risk assessment, reporting and assurance;
  • Sustainable supply chain advice;
  • Compliance and advice in health, safety and occupational medicine;
  • Measurement and evaluation of social impact;
  • Strategy of excellence in natural resources.


With constant changes in the global environment, organizations need to enhance their ability not only to detect signs of risk, but also to identify new opportunities.

Deloitte's Risk Sensing helps organizations navigate this complex scenario by providing real-time predictive intelligence so they can prepare more quickly and effectively. This is possible by accessing more than 800,000 data sources in 195 countries and 80 languages.

Risk sensing

In Brazil, Deloitte has the Center for Regulatory Excellence and Corporate Governance, an initiative that brings together a set of solutions in a platform of integral support to directors and executives of various functions in companies to perform their duties. The goal is to support the alignment of the strategic objectives with an adequate management of corporate risks.

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