Introduction to due diligence

The first article of the new edition of the 5 minute reading series presents what is due diligence and which types should be considered in mergers and acquisitions transactions. 

Although well known to mergers and acquisitions executives, due diligence processes could be better used in some transactions. For example, in businesses that do not achieve the expected value due to a high amount paid by the buyer, a full due diligence could avoid this type of problem. Especially in markets such as Brazil, due diligence can help minimize uncertainty and flag potential issues that can be reflected in the deal price.

Deloitte's team of mergers and acquisitions specialists has developed a new edition of the 5 minute reading series, which will approach M&A due diligence processes. The first article in the series introduces the term and presents the types of due diligence to be considered in mergers and acquisitions, in addition to addressing the main benefits of this process.

Introduction to due diligence
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