Strategy services

Deloitte helps organizations to move quickly to take advantage of new opportunities, drive growth and innovation while mitigating risks and delivering value.

Information prospecting and analysis for decision making and definition of strategic alternatives.

Our solutions

  • Mapping and analysis of market potential;
  • Targeting customers and markets;
  • Competition evaluation;
  • Portfolio of products and services management;
  • Mystery Shopping.

Business Intelligence

Deloitte supports your company to develop and execute marketing strategies and sales in order to obtain growth, customer loyalty and return on investment.

Our solutions

  • Effectiveness of sales force;
  • Marketing ROI;
  • Marketing Resources Management (MRM);
  • Intelligence web channels;
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV);
  • Customer experience.

Effectiveness of marketing and sales

Increase profitability of your business through more efficient strategies "go-to-market", using the right mix of channels to reach the target audience.

Our solutions

  • Strategies "go-to-market";
  • Planning and execution of CRM strategy;
  • Channel management strategy;
  • Encouraging innovation;
  • Social media strategy.

Marketing strategy

Deloitte helps organizations to evaluate, in a structured way, pricing strategy and processes of products and services, including training, simulation, analysis and implementation of prices within companies. We aim to maximize profitability and sustainable growth to our customers.

Our solutions

  • Maturity diagnosis and definition of pricing and profitability strategy;
  • Pricing, maximizing profits on sales of products and/or services;
  • Identifying causes of losses banks and historical sales data analysis;
  • Design and analysis of pricing, optimizing and using tools;
  • Drawing pricing structure, including rules, responsibilities, relationship reports and compensation policies.


Deloitte assists your organization to create, capture and sustain value.

Our solutions

  • Strategic planning;
  • Value Creation Strategy;
  • Strategic thinking;
  • Competitive strategy;
  • Growth;
  • Performance Measurement.

Corporate and competitive strategy

Growth and innovation, product development, portfolio management, lean product development, product cost reduction, complexity management, change control, product information management, collaboration, PILM governance and organization, resource management of PILM, compliance and product quality.

Product Innovation Lifecycle Management (PILM)

Integration and divestiture involve additional challenges, including costs, timelines, and disruption to business as usual. We help clients address end-state planning and integration/separation needs to be better prepared for Day One and beyond.

Services include:

  • Integration / separation planning and support
  • Day One readiness
  • Change Management
  • Transition Services Agreements
  • Synergy Support

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Integration & Divestitures