Management of third party obligations

How to reduce service outsourcing risks

With the new regulation on service outsourcing in the National Congress agenda, contracting and contracted companies need to be more careful than ever in this regard, which involves labor and social security rights of outsourced workers.

In this new scenario, a broad view of labor and social security aspects is essential to ensure a healthy relationship between the two parties. On the other hand, lack of continual monitoring in outsourced workforce management may compromise and expose the contracting company's image to risks.

Our solutions

Deloitte helps companies reduce outsourcing risks by monitoring contracts with suppliers, with the aim to verify whether labor and social security requirements are being met:

  • Risk mapping that enables a better managerial view of legislation gaps and supplier quality;
  • Risk mitigation;
  • Compliance with good corporate governance practices;
  • Identification of labor claims-related issues;
  • Evidence of companies commitment to employee’s and contractor’s well-being;
  • Renegotiation of existing gaps with suppliers;
  • Prevention against suppliers in use of degrading work conditions;
  • Prevention of risks to the image and reputation of the company in the market.

Our differentials

Aided by cutting-edge technologies, our team is comprised of experienced professionals who are recognized by the market, with broad knowledge of managing outsourcing risks.

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