Global employer services - overview


Global Employer Services

Deloitte supports companies and executives in complying with tax, labor and social security obligations, as well as other important factors relating to the performance of foreign professionals in Brazil

Our solutions

Benefits, taxes on compensation and stock option plans

  • Tax management and compensation framework for executives and / or expatriates
  • Consultancy on income taxation on a global basis
  • Assistance in structuring the local payroll
  • Analysis of the offer of fringe benefits and stock option plans

International mobility - Compensation and taxation

  • Analysis of executives / expatriates payroll
  • Planning the international transfer rules for executives in the tax, labor and social security areas
  • Tax consultancy for family and succession planning
  • Consultancy on the applicability of treaties to avoid double taxation
  • Issuance of Certificate of Tax Residence
  • Analysis of international social security treaties and obtainment of temporary travel certificates for individuals
  • Diagnosis and regularization of tax situations of Brazilians abroad and foreigners in Brazil
  • Appeals and monitoring of administrative proceedings at the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service
  • Preparation of Annual Adjustment and Definitive Exit from the Country Statements
  • Preparation of monthly calculations of Income Tax on foreign income ("carnê-leão") and capital gain
  • Preparation of the Foreign Assets Statement filed with the Central Bank by individuals
  • Calculations of tax equalization


We support both foreigners who come to work in Brazil and Brazilians who will take positions in companies located abroad.

Foreigners in Brazil (inbound):
  • Assistance in the process of requesting and issuing a residence permit and / or visa for foreigners
  • Assistance in the process of issuing Brazilian documentation (CRMN, CPF, CTPS and Driver's License)
  • Consultancy to companies on the type of residence permit and / or visa to be requested in each case
  • Consultancy in the structuring of compensation for foreign executives who start working in Brazil, aiming at obtaining residence permit and work visas
Brazilians abroad (outbound):

Assistance in the process of requesting and issuing work, business and tourism visas for most countries.

Mobility and technology

  • Assistance in the implementation of international mobility policies
  • Strategy and technology for mobility of executives
  • Development and support of tools to control people in international assignment
  • Consultancy on mobility processes (analysis of the best strategy to bring a foreigner to work in Brazil)

Key contact

Carlos Nicacio

Carlos Nicacio

Leader of Energy, Resources & Industrials and GES

With solid professional experience, he is currently responsible for the Energy, Resources & Industrials industry and Deloitte Global Employer Services in Brazil.... More