International tax


International tax and foreign capital

Specific set of tax solutions for Brazilian companies in the internationalization process, foreign companies investing in Brazil and investing entities in general; all of these services are increasingly advantageous within the context of a global economy.

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Our solutions

  • Support for tax issues involving international transactions;
  • Organization of dividend distribution or capital reduction for investors residing outside Brazil;
  • Support to merger, demerger and absorption operations, aiming at the purchase and sale of companies involving foreign investors;
  • Support for registration with the Central Bank of foreign capital via direct investment in currency or goods, royalties and international loans;
  • BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) analysis relating to international taxation and planning;
  • Tax Consulting applicable to foreign capital, considering international treaties signed by Brazil to avoid double taxation of your company;
  • Analysis of tax impacts related to Brazilian investments abroad, considering the Central Bank's capital flow control rules;
  • Optimization, for tax purposes, of foreign investments in the country.